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Single Point of Contact

We are a full-service technology consulting firm that provides practical solutions to business opportunities in a cost-effective manner using a time and material model without the need for service contracts which is almost always cheaper than Managed Services! 

Small Business and Residential Customers

Practical Technology Solutions (PTS) has been in business since 2000 and has built our client base completely through the referral of our clients. 

On-site and Remote Tech Support

We provide comprehensive IT services to clients throughout Southwestern Connecticut, Westchester County and Manhattan. 

Business Principles


We strive to thoroughly understand YOUR requirements before suggesting potential solutions.

"Smarter, not Harder"

We work closely with our clients so they can work “smarter and not harder." 

Empowering Clients

We train our clients to use their technology thoroughly to avoid recurring costs by empowering you.

Unbiased Recommendations

We provide equipment and software at our cost so there is no profit motive in our recommendations.

Comprehensive Solutions

We work effectively with other vendors and utilize all potential resources when they are the best solution.

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Practical Technology Solutions

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You will often find us answering our phones over the weekend and in the evening as well.