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Error Reporting

The following is intended for Practical Technology Solution clients:


1. Left Click on the dialog box containing the error message to make sure it is currently selected.

2. Hold down the Alt Key and hit the Print Screen Key (on portables you may need a Function key too).  This will copy the error message to the Clipboard, but you won’t see any action by your computer…..

3. Open Word or Wordpad.

4. From the menu, select Edit and then Paste.  This will create a Word document containing your error message.

5. Click on the menu and select File, Save.  Put in a descriptive File name and save it to an Error Folder in your My Documents folder.

6. Launch your Email Program and attach this file. (If you use Outlook, you can right click on the file name, left click on “Send To” and left click on “Mail Recipient”

Founder's Resume

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